Uganda 15D

Uganda 16D

Perfect for the "Adventurous cyclist" who takes his time.




Fort Portal


Muchison Falls


Sipi Falls





Before the trip

  • Program discussion
  • Booking tickets
  • Departure briefing

We meet in Belgium (or online) to discuss the program and set it to your needs.
After mutual agreement – the clients book his flight tickets (the earlier the booking the cheaper the prize) and
a departure briefing/meeting is followed two or three months prior to departure.

D1 Welcome to Uganda

The flight brings us to Entebbe, the former capital city of Uganda. The
AllrideAfrika team awaits you at the airport and brings you to the ViaVia. We enjoy a late-night drink before
going to bed.

D2 The Urban Jungle

We enjoy a short walk in Entebbe while the bikes are getting assembled by our
mechanic. We exchange money and get a local sim before our transfer to Kampala.
The first ride in Kampala starts from the city center and explores the outskirts of town. The urban jungle
brings a real African experience and first touch of Uganda. We are welcomed in our basecamp in Kampala by
Florence and her Ugandan team.

The ride – 60KM+1200HM HARD / 40KM+700HM EASY

D3 The Real Jungle

From the Urban Jungle to the real Jungle. We sleep a little longer – ride out from the basecamp and take the bikes out
on the boat. We cross the Victoria Lake where we will ride in our single-track paradise. No cars or traffic but a green
jungle and some first animal encounters.

The ride – 85KM+1100HM EXTREME/ 65KM+850HM HARD/ 30KM+350HM EASY

D4 Kyaninga wonders

Early wake up and transfer to Fort Portal and our next basecamp on the edge of a crater lake. We jump out the car and
ride towards the lodge – a small but wonderful ride along the ridge of crater lakes in the shadow of the Rwenzori

The ride – 32KM+550HM

D5 Riding The Rift

Another ride in Fort Portal with magic views over the Albertine Rift Valley. Steep climbs and single-track descents
close to the valley form our playground of the day. We drop by in Fort Portal town for lunch, have a relaxing afternoon
after the ride and visit a local Ugandan family for dinner.

The ride – 45KM+1100HM

D6 Crazy Craters

A long day in the saddle after a stunning breakfast with a view. From one crater lake to another, passing by rural
villages and schools. We pass the Kibale rainforest and end the long journey with a cocktail at the swimming pool.

The ride – 85KM+1650HM EXTREME / 60KM+1200HM HARD*

*Other rides possible

D7 To Murchison

We swap Fort Portal for Murchison Falls National Park and have a transfer to the safari-park. We ride along the countryside and stop for little brakes at random places for random encounters. Our lodge is situated at the riverbanks where we sleep in safari-tents surrounded by hippo’s and other wildlife.

D8 Safari Time

Safari time! We spend a full day in the Murchison Falls National Park and try to spot the Big 5. A safari early in the morning is followed a boat safari and a hike to the top of the waterfalls in the afternoon.

D9 Game Ride

We start the day with a game ride in the park and spot some more animals in the open savanna landscape. We stay away from the lions but might spot some giraffes and buffaloes.

A transfer to the east of the country is followed after the game ride. We prepare ourselves for some more days of cycling in Sipi.

The ride – 30KM+300HM

D10 Sipi Loops

Time again for some action and longer rides. We discover some more technical terrain on the flanks of Mount Elgon as we ride to the mighty Sipi waterfalls. We stay in Kapchorwa – home of Ugandan best running talent – at an altitude of about 2000 meters. Maybe Chiptegei – world champion on the 10KM is around?

The ride – 60KM+1300HM

D11 Sipi Falls

Same concept as day 10 but different trails. We will ride down the mountain via single-tracks and have to get back up. During the ride – we will enjoy great views on Mount Kadam.

The ride – 67KM+1200HM HARD / 30KM+500HM EASY

D12 Nile It

Flexible program on day 12. We can choose to spend some more time in Sipi (waterfall hike – coffee tour) before we go to Jinja. Or we can directly go to Jinja and spend the afternoon in town.

The ride – 60KM+ 1350HM HARD

D13 Rest It

We explore the trails around Jinja town and ride along the flanks- and the source of the River Nile. An ‘easier’ spin before our ‘Queen stage’ gives us time to enjoy a sunset cruise on the Nile. We can also opt for a rafting day on the river Nile with grade 5 rapids.

The ride – 60KM – 850HM

D14 Mabira Queen

No transfer by VAN but the ‘Queen stage ride’ between Jinja and Kampala. We start of by a passage in the Mabira rainforest where we follow a powerline that divides the rainforest. We head back to Kampala using the same boat land landing sites from day three.

The ride – 85KM+1600HM HARD, 40KM+600HM EASY

D15 Boda and fly out

One last half day Kampala before we head back to Entebbe and the airport. A cultural boda-boda tour (riding through town on the back of a motorcycle) gives us some cultural background on the city and its special places.

We head to Entebbe in the afternoon and take our time for assembling the bikes, having dinner and saying farewell to Uganda.

D16 Home

Back home after a crazy and unforgettable adventure.


  • Maximum 13

  • Prizes according to group size


  • 16 days/ 15 nights (for example: Saturday morning – Sunday morning)

  • Accommodation in lodges (combination mid-range and 1x high-range)

  • Meals:

    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner

    • Trail-food and drinks during rides

  • Belgian guide and extra Ugandan guides

  • Unique tracks

  • Access to the national parks

    • Ranger during safari’s

  • Activities

    • Safari and boat cruise in Murchison Falls National Park

    • Hike to waterfalls in Murchison Falls National Park

    • BodaBoda tour in Kampala

  • Transport

    • VAN with driver

    • Bicycle and luggage transport

    • Boat, ferry and other public transport

  • Technical assistance

  • T-shirt and cycling kit AllrideAfrika


  • Flight ticket

  • Bike transfer or bike rental

  • Drinks

  • Travel Insurance, visa, vaccinations

  • Mobile internet and personal calling costs

  • Additional activities not mentioned above

  • Tips

  • Laundry services