Ride your African dream

Uganda is your top African cycling destination. From the vibrant city of Kampala to dense jungle tracks in Mukono. From riding along crater lakes around the Rwenzori Mountains to cycling in wildlife parks as Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls and Lake Mburo. From magical waterfalls in Sipi and technical terrain on the flanks of Mount Elgon to the source of the white Nile in Jinja. 

Ride a unique cycling adventure and explore our single-track paradise in Uganda. Ride with our local team and experience the pearl of Africa.

We guide you towards your dream holiday, starting from three programs based on our own cycling experience. We have a program of 10, 12 and 16 days. In all our programs, the routes are adjustable in terms of length, technicality and even the amount of days per region. We build your dream holiday by meeting up, listening to your needs and discussing your ride.
ALL Ride

All Ride Afrika. From those who are not experienced in mountain biking to racers who want to enjoy next-level tracks. From those who want to cycle all day long, to those who want to cycle less and opt for additional activities instead. We have multiple guides on our trips, so you do not all need to ride the same route or the same pace.


One Belgian trip leader and a great team of Ugandans will guide you on your own holiday. Cycling with our Ugandan team will deliver you a real local experience. Dennis and Newton are our drivers and cycling guides, Pieter is the trip leader and Jessica guides the clients who do not fancy cycling.

Don’t hesitate and convince your partner to come along!


Swimming in crater lakes, chimpansee- or gorilla tracking, cultural tours, rafting on the Nile, photography and birdlife, local communities and schools, … many things are possible.

We have experience in guiding non-cycling trips and have a guide ready who takes the non-cyclists around. Start googling ‘Uganda’ already – AllrideAfrika is more than cycling.