Our home country is Uganda. Living in Kampala and cycling and even racing with locals in the rest of Uganda gave us connections throughout the country, the best locations to cycle and the best tracks around. Based on this, we made three awesome programs. A long loop for adventurous souls, a short loop for keen cyclist and a mid-loop for those who love the combination.


Our accommodation is standard mid-range. A good bed with mosquito net, western toilets and warm showers are needed after a day in the saddle. We choose our favorite basecamps and scouted the best routes per basecamp.

We sleep multiple days per lodge or ‘basecamp’ and get to know the region, its people and its treasures.

The Pearl of Africa

Midrange Accommodation


Food is important. Western cuisine is combined with local touches to get the best of both worlds. We often serve buffets and your daily dose of carbohydrates via rice or pasta. Picture some chicken with a lentil stew, rice, cow peas, potatoes and a salad.

Trailfood consists of local fruits (banana, mango, pineapple) and cookies and other local gods are found along the way. Water is supplied in bottles and soda or bear can be found nearly anywhere.


Our routes are adjustable, from amateur to expert, and the options are endless. We can ride all day but can also take time for other activities. 

We can adjust our rides and activities according to the need of the client – one might ride a marathon – one might ride a small loop and prefer an afternoon at the pool.

Western and local food

Epic trails


We have multiple guides per group, so don’t fear a speedy group pace or solely long-distance tracks. We experience Uganda together but don’t have to ride all together. We can perfectly split here and there and have many stories to tell during dinner afterwards.


Transport between the basecamp is per minivan. Bikers inside and bikes on top. The bicycles are fit on a roofrack and kept safe using a rope-captrol system. We provide additional protection for frames and enjoy the views during our rides through the countryside. We have one car per group of 5 people.

Multiple guides

Transport per Min-van